Spring Lake American Cheese

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Spring Lake American Cheese

* Available Exclusively From Charles Blumer Co.*

Loaf American Cheese packed 6/5# per case
120 count and 160 count Sliced American Cheese packed 4/5# per case
More sizes and styles to come!

A Note From Chuck Blumer:
First of all, I want to thank you for taking a look at my Web Site. It was my dream to put my company and products in front of the whole world and now this dream is reality. I am very happy!

Spring Lake American Cheese is my own creation. Through my years in the food business, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the Deli, Dairy, Meat and Provisions end of the business. One of the things I am particularly interested in is American Cheese. First of all, I am an American and I always thought of eating American Cheese as the patriotic thing to do. Secondly, American Cheese is the highest volume cheese sold in this country. . . high volume equals increased profits.

I pass the SAVINGS to YOU! As an American, I am in business to make a profit. Many families depend on my company for their source of income so it is important to keep our sales volume as high as possible. American Cheese has always seemed to be a vehicle to increased sales volume so I took an interest in this product early in my career.

Spring Lake American Cheese is produced for me by one of the largest cheese makers in the world. It is produced to my own specifications in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has always been known as the cheese capital of the world. Cheese making is so important to the Wisconsin economy that there are state laws governing the standards of cheese making. My American Cheese conforms to all Wisconsin State Cheese Making Standards. Simply put, you can not buy a better piece of American Cheese, at any price, anywhere in the entire world. I back this statement with an iron clad, money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will take the product back and give you a full refund.

History of American Cheese: Years ago, there were companies who were manufacturing and cutting all kinds of cheeses. When you produce cheese and cut it in to uniform shapes and sizes, there are a certain amount of cheese trimmings which are left over. One day a cheese maker decided to utilize the trimmings to make a new type of cheese. He threw all of the trimmings in to the cooker (American Cheese is cooked or processed), added some barrel cheddar for consistency and sliceability, added some moisture (water) for meltability, and voila . . . American Cheese! This was a great day in Cheese as it gave all of the cheese makers a place to use their trimmings.

There was just one problem, American Cheese became so popular that there were not enough trimmings to satisfy the demand for American Cheese. Cheese makers would then (and most still do today) shop the world over for any type of cheese they could buy at a cheap price. They would throw this cheap cheese in to the cooker with some cheddar and water to make their American Cheese. This is not an easy process because the cheese had to perform two very critical functions, it has to slice properly and it must melt properly. This may sound easy but it truly is not. When you make American Cheese with all kinds of different cheeses, the formulation must be perfect or the finished product will not work properly.

Cheese makers are really artists and they carefully blend the ingredients so that the end result is cheese that performs properly on a slicer and when melting. While this is an art, any cheese maker will tell you that the best American Cheese, the cheese with the most consistency in flavor, color, sliceability and meltability, is American Cheese produced with 100% domestic Barrel Cheddar. This is simply the best way to make American Cheese. If you are making American Cheese in Wisconsin, you are required by law, to use only 100% domestic Barrel Cheddar in your production of American Cheese.

Guess what Spring Lake American Cheese is made from. . . 100% domestic Barrel Cheddar. There is no cheese trim in my American Cheese, there is no foreign cheese in my American Cheese (people who put foreign cheese in their American Cheese should be brought up on charges) there is nothing but Barrel Cheddar in my American Cheese, that's it! I also take the process one step further, I will not let them make my American Cheese with any Barrel Cheddar which is over thirty days old. This is one step better than Wisconsin state law!! As Cheddar Cheese ages, it gets sharper and dryer. American Cheese is supposed to be mild and creamy, not sharp and dry.

So, my Spring Lake American Cheese is produced for me in Wisconsin, from 100% domestic Barrel Cheddar which is less than thirty days old. Ask any cheese expert. It doesn't get any better than that. Please ask for Spring Lake American Cheese by name. You will never be disappointed.

Please contact me personally if you have any questions or comments about my American Cheese. I will be thrilled to hear from you.



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