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Company History Revised Version

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Charles E. Blumer Company, Inc. was founded on October 28, 1994.

Chuck Blumer once had a vision to start a Food Brokerage Company specializing in Dairy, Deli, Meats and Provisions. As part of his vision came a commitment not to stray from the core business at which his company would become specialists. This has not changed.

There are many food brokers in this market and in markets across the country who claim to specialize in these areas but if you take a close look, most of them have bakery lines, or grocery lines, or frozen food lines. Some of them even have product lines which are non-foods. Worse yet, there are even some food brokers who service their refrigerated principles with just a "perishables division".

At Charles Blumer Company, perishables are what we are all about. We do not handle any products which do not fall in to the Dairy, Deli, Meat & Provisions format. This is not what we are all about. This is not where our interests lie. This is not an area we have expertise in. We are the fresh & processed meat and cheese folks.

It is our goal as a company to become the standard by which our customers and packers alike judge every other sales and marketing effort they come in contact with. We will constantly strive to meet and exceed all expectations regarding customer service, follow up and professionalism.

Boasting of principles such as Cargill Meat Solutions and Cook's Ham Company (a division of Smithfield foods), one can easily see that we will represent only the very finest products in each category. Spring Lake American Cheese and Prima Imported Ham products are other classic examples of this philosophy.

Because we specialize, Charles E. Blumer Company has the luxury of being able to choose the very best packers to represent. Each packer knows that he is being represented by a company who understands his business inside and out. We feel we are privileged to sell only the very finest products in a category. This works out well for all parties involved.

The real winner is our valued customer base. A customer can call this office and talk to a live person from 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Even though our office hours are from 8:30 to 5:00, there is always someone here a little early or a little late to personally handle a question comment or an order. Our staff is highly trained and boasts of years of experience in the meat business. Several members of our company have been food industry professionals for well over thirty years.

Any one who answers the phone in our office is qualified to take and process an order or obtain information requested by packers and customers alike. Our commitment to quality products and services extends to everything we do.

If, in the unlikely event a customer has a problem with one of our products, we guarantee that the problem will be taken care of, in person, within twenty-four hours of our office being contacted. In other words, by simply dialing our toll free number, the problem goes away; I guarantee it.

By sticking to our core business, the business we know best, we have grown and prospered over the past decade plus in to a brokerage company most respected for quality products, quality people, professionalism, expertise and work ethic.

Allow us the opportunity to become the service specialists for you!